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Chris Scarlett is a  singer songwriter hailing from East Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Over the last 30 years Chris has played in a variety of cover bands, tribute bands, original bands and acoustic acts. He writes melodic and accessible songs loaded with wry social observations.

  Chris has 4 albums of original music currently available.

"Half Way Home" is an album recorded using just voice, guitar and harmonica. The album contains 9 original acoustic songs and is thematic with a general theme connecting the songs. Without being overly melodramatic the various songs explore contemporary social and personal issues and the ever present 'human condition'.


"Songs for The Gentle", is an album of 9 tracks, again recorded with acoustic guitars,voice and harmonicas.It is a collection of intimate and emotional songs;personal,reflective songs that speak to the gentle hearted ,sensitive souls amongst us.Songs for the thoughtful,songs for the unaffected;"Songs For The Gentle". 


Chris's 3rd album, 'Looking For England' showcases a further batch of 9 original and distinctive  songs from this talented  singer songwriter and contrasts with Half Way Home and Songs for The Gentle in both subject matter and style. Chris performs tracks from all 3 albums at his gigs - reaction from audiences has been very positive and we hope to build on that.



You Have Been Watching..... ,is Chris's fourth album of original material and has songs about a variety of different characters; busker,miner,soldier,taxi driver,tramp.If you would like to hear a sample of the songs please visit the 'Audio' page and for further details about the four albums please check out the 'Information' page.




All of the above recordings are simply one guitar and voice recorded live in the studio with no effects other than a little reverb.


In addition to his own songwriting Chris also performs a wide range of cover versions for venues and people who prefer well known music to original material. He has selected what he feels are the best songs from top artists, ranging from Bob Dylan to the The Beatles,The Kinks,The Beautiful South,U2,The Jam,The Buzzcocks,Coldplay,The Verve,Oasis.The Undertones,Bruce Springsteen,Neil Young,The Clash,Thin Lizzy,The Fratellis,Kings of Leon,The Stone Roses,Chuck Berry,The Housemartins,Billy Bragg,The Cure,Pulp,The Smiths,Crowded House,The Eagles,Buddy Holly,Status Quo,The Who,Squeeze,The Beach Boys,Johnny Cash,The Ramones and many more. Further details are available on the 'Bookings' page.


 Furthermore - Chris is a long time Bruce Springsteen fan and in pursuit of this interest he also tours with a full evening of Springsteen songs. He covers a wide range of styles from all of Bruce's albums and if you like the Boss's music this is well worth checking out. Details can be found on 'The River' page of this website.


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