Chris is an experienced singer-songwriter who has loads of great, catchy, original songs that deal with contemporary social and personal issues and the human condition in a humorous and accessible manner. He also has rafts of quality, interesting covers of artists as diverse as: Hank Williams,The Clash, Springsteen, Billy Bragg, Oasis,The Beautiful South, Woodie Guthrie, Neil Young, The Beatles,The Kinks and many more that enable him to cater for all manner of audiences and venues.


A dynamic and charismatic live performer, Chris can perform either "unplugged", in the smaller more intimate venues, or using his top quality PA gear, he can perform and create a good full sound for the larger venues/rooms. A conventional live player, Chris uses 6 and 12 string guitars,ukeleles,mandolins and harmonicas. There are no backing tapes!


Chris is available to play folk clubs, pubs, garden parties, house parties etc and will travel anywhere to entertain appreciative and attentive audiences.


To book Chris ring 07712676360 or e-mail