Half Way Home


Half Way Home is an album from Chris featuring 9 original songs recorded in 2010 at The Chairworks,Castleford, West Yorkshire. The tracklisting is as follows :


1. Here's Looking At You

2. Human Connection

3. Sleep in Peace

4. Song For Me and You

5. Photograph

6. Pilgrim

7. I Will Always Have Time For You

8. Shooting At Nothing



Guitars, harmonica and vocals are by Chris Scarlett.Keyboards on tracks 4 and 9 by Joshua Scarlett. Engineer on the recording sessions was David Watts.  Artwork/Design was by 'Uncle Neil'.


The album will be available at Chris's gigs priced £5 or can be ordered from this website by sending an email to us requesting a copy. The cost from the website will be £6 to include post and packing. Email details are shown on the Bookings page.


 Commentary On Half Way Home from Chris.


These songs repesent some of the many original  songs that I wrote between 1978 and 2000.Up until 2010 I played in various rock and pop and tribute bands bands,always playing guitar,harmonica and doing backing vocals.

This album,therefore, is  a record of, " where I was at " in 2010,when I made the transition from band player to solo singer-songwriter.I have picked the songs for their variety,their interest, integrity and their originality.Hopefully this shows off the unique character and individuality of my songwriting.The album does hope a general theme running through it which I will let the listener work out for him/herself.Chris.


 The 9 songs that made it have no effects other than a little reverb. Hopefully I've managed to give the songs a human touch and a bit of character. Let me know what you think. Chris.




Songs For The Gentle.


Songs For The Gentle has 9 original songs written and performed by Chris.Recorded  in 2012 at The Chairworks,Castleford,West Yorkshire by David Watts.The 9 songs are:


 1.Southern Nights

 2.Children of Gaza

 3.Sunday Morning

 4.A Song For Baby Jane

 5.The Road To Stranraer

 6.Do You Know How Love Works

 7.You Make Me Shine

 8.East Riding



 Artwork,photography and sleeve design by Uncle Neil.

 Songs For The Gentle is available at Chris's gigs priced at  £5 or can be ordered from this website by sending an email to us requesting a copy.The cost from the website will be £6 to include postage and packing.Email details are shown on the Bookings page.


 In an increasingly harsh and brash world, this album is a collection of intimate,thoughtful and emotional songs.Songs for the sensitive;songs for the unaffected;songs for the gentle.


Looking For England,


Chris's album 'Looking For England' contains 9 tracks :


1. Living In Yorkshire 

2. Friendly Folk Festival

3. Memories of a Wolds Romance

4. Life in a Day

5.Ghosts of England

6.A New Beginning

7. Journey in the Dark

8. Oliver's Mount Memorial

9. Something About England


 Recorded at The Chairworks,Castleford in 2015 with sound engineer Dave Watts.Looking For England is another thematic album from Chris with an obvious theme connecting all 9 songs.Music and words all written and performed by Chris.Artwork and design by Uncle Neil.

 This collection of distinctive and intimate acoustic songs shows  off Chris's love of English culture, the simple beauty of everyday life in Englands provincial towns and the beautiful countryside and landscapes of Yorkshire and the East Riding.


This album is also available at Chris's gigs or directly from us, priced £5 and £6 respectively. Cover artwork for the albums is shown in the 'Gallery' page of this website.


 You Have Been Watching.......



Recorded in 2017 at The Chairworks in Castleford this album has 8  original songs, each one about a different character; a tramp,miner,busker,a young married couple ,a bereft lover.All songs written and performed by Chris Scarlett.


1.Diary of a Supertramp.

2.Taxi Driver.

3.A Premature Burial.

4.Break Up Tape.

5.A Scarborough Romance.

6.Shine Bright  A Little Longer.

7.The Squeeze.

8.Carry on Clapping[The Buskers Tale.]